Stamina X 4-in-1 Full Body Workout Strength Training Station
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Stamina X 4-in-1 Full Body Workout Strength Training Station

Product Code: 20-3011

UPC: 022643230118

The Stamina X 4-in-1 Strength Training Station allows you to easily and efficiently sculpt and strengthen your back, chest and legs to achieve the ripped body you desire. In addition to toning muscle, you will also improve cardiovascular health and burn calories. Bring your own dumbbells if you want to up the intensity.

One Station, Many Possibilities

The 4-in-1 allows you accomplish more than you thought possible on one piece of equipment, including exercises like assisted squats, sit-ups, push-ups, sit-to-stands, back extensions and more. In the process, you'll build a stronger, more muscular body.

Traditional "sissy squat machines" offer only a limited range of motion and customization. The 4-in-1 changes that: the hyper ab and squat pad is adjustable to a wide height range and is also removable. Through the enhanced design, you can get a much deeper squat compared to traditional equipment.

Raise or lower the bench and bring your own kettle or dumbbells for an even wider range of exercises, like chest flys, tricep extensions and overhead press. Rather than remaining only flat, the bench also adjusts to an incline. Use the bench to engage the abdominals with exercises like Russian twists, crunches, flutter kicks and v-ups.

Compelling Comfort

It’s important to stay comfortable during your workout, so you can focus more on results. The 4-in-1 comes with an adjustable, foam ankle pad that keeps you stabilized and aligned during any supine or standing exercise. Textured handles provide a firm grip during push-ups. Lastly, the compact frame is outfitted with anti-slip endcaps to help prevent accidents or slippage.

If you’re looking for a powerful, total-body workout and want to kickstart your fitness potential into gear, look no further than the Stamina X 4-in-1 Strength Training Station.If you’re looking for a powerful, total-body workout and want to kickstart your fitness potential into gear, look no further than the Stamina X 4-in-1 Strength Training Station.

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  • Strengthen and build your entire body
  • Multiple workout stations allow for assisted squats, sit-ups, push-ups, sit-to-stands and back extensions
  • Enhanced design allows for deeper squat compared to traditional "sissy squat machines"
  • Bench with adjustable angle
  • Textured handle grips
  • Durable, textured standing platform
  • Removable/adjustable hyper ab and squat pad
  • Adjustable ankle pad
  • Compact design
  • Anti-slip endcaps

One Station, Many Possibilities!

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MSRP: CAD $329.99 /EACH
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  • Quantity Available: 12

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