Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress PRO Spinal Decompression Machine
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Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress PRO Spinal Decompression Machine

Product Code: 55-1489

UPC: 022643514898

Deep Spine Decompression You Desire

The Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress PRO provides an efficient and safe way to comfortably decompress the lumbar spine. The simple, easy-to-operate design provides traction, improves body alignment and posture, and reduces risk of future injury, all in the comfort of your own home gym or office*.

Enhanced Safety and Control

Compared to traditional inversion machines offering a full-range of motion, the partial movement on the EasyDecompress PRO offers an enhanced level of control and safety. Two sets of ergonomic handlebars and a low-to-ground design provide a convenient way to get on and off of the EasyDecompress pro bench, even for those with limited mobility. The gentle arc angle can be easily adjusted to match your desired range of motion.

The upgraded PRO version includes even more features. A gas-assisted shock allows for a slow, automatic and controlled movement downwards and back up without extra intervention, allowing for an even easier decompress. The shock speed can be adjusted to match your weight. These extra additions make the Decompress PRO ideal for users that need extra assistance getting up and down.

Features to Improve Your Relaxation

The EasyDecompress PRO bench is engineered for comfort while decompressing. Eight padded foam rollers provide a relaxing massage to tight lower back muscle groups during movement. The cushioned head and neck pillow keeps your head cradled in an ideal position for proper alignment, while the padded ankle, leg and armpit rests provide gentle relaxation for the entire body while stretching. 

Adjust the lower leg rests to your desired height with a lock-in pin.

The Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress PRO builds on the foundation of traditional inversion machines, offering an enhanced level of safety and control when decompressing the spine without skimping on additional features.

*NOTE: If you have high blood pressure or other medical conditions, decompressing may not be for you. Please consult your doctor before using.

  • Decompresses spine comfortably and safely
  • Stretches out lower back for pain relief
  • Gas-assisted shock for automatic lowering and raising during exercise
  • Padded foam rollers provide deep massage to tight muscles
  • Two sets of ergonomic, textured handlebars
  • Adjustable leg length distance
  • Padded leg, ankle and armpit rests
  • Cushioned head and neck pillow
  • Easy angle adjustment

Deep spine decompression you desire!

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