Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Earbuds Light Beige
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Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Earbuds Light Beige

Product Code: 100-99183002-99

UPC: 615822017978

Jabra Elite 4 are the essential true wireless earbuds for navigating work and life with ease. Bluetooth® Multipoint means seamless switching between devices. Never miss a call or notification as your earbuds switch instantly to where you’re needed. And never miss a moment of the film or song you were engrossed in as the earbuds allows you to easily jump back in exactly where you were before the interruption. Initial pairing is a breeze with Fast Pair* and Swift Pair hooking you straight into your phone or computer, without hassle. These comfortable true wireless earbuds sound great with Active Noise Cancellation to block out the world and put the background noise where it should be. Traveling or commuting, they filter out the sounds you just don’t need to hear. The ANC uses feedforward, outward facing, microphones to pick up noise before it reaches you. The chatter of people. The roar of traffic. It all disappears. Elite 4 boasts the famously comfortable Jabra fit so they are ideal for all-day wear. They’re small, secure and stylish. Curl up in comfort or head out into the world. Either way, you’ll be right in your comfort zone with Danish ergonomic acoustic engineering. Calls are crystal clear thanks to the 4-microphone technology. There’s fast-charging and great battery life, with up to 5.5 hours in the buds and a total of 22 hours with the sleek case (28 hours ANC off). And you can use either earbud so you can charge a single bud on the go. Available in four colors - Dark Gray, Navy, Lilac and Light Beige - they’re durable and rainproof with a 2-year warranty.** Elite 4 are your all-day, every day earbuds. Totally flexible. Doesn’t matter if you’re busy or just busy relaxing, Jabra Elite 4 are engineered so you can operate smoothly day on and day off.

  • SMOOTH SWITCHING Simultaneously connect with two different devices and switch seamlessly between them with Bluetooth® Multipoint. Stream a film on your laptop and, if someone needs you, the earbuds will switch straight to the incoming call.
  • SWIFT-PAIRING Connecting is a breeze. Pair with your Android™ device or PC in seconds. Fast Pair and Swift Pair are both on board.*
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION (ANC) Filter out the rumble and roar of the world so you can be where you want to be. With ANC there is no unwanted outside noise. The stressful commute is serene. The busy street is tranquil. Wherever you are, hear the music and nothing else. Go where you want to go.
  • 4-MICROPHONE CALL TECHNOLOGY With 4-microphone technology you’re going to be heard loud and clear. When that call comes in it doesn’t matter if you’re navigating a noisy street, or in a busy bar or on a high-speed train. Friendly chit-chat or serious calls – it’s all crystal clear.
  • STAYING POWER The batteries deliver up to 5.5 hours in the buds and a total of 22 hours with the case (28 hours ANC off), so you can take on the longest days. Practical and powerful, with fast charging too. Keep on keeping on. Don’t stop.

Navigate work and life with ease!

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