Einova - Innovative, Eco-Friendly Design


We’re thrilled to announce our new brand partner, Einova!

Einova is a truly disruptive worldwide power electronics company, founded and headquartered in Modena, Italy. Founded in 2012, their innovation B2B projects and consumer products are redefining the future of eco friendly, power dense, and stylish personal tech charging.

Einova specializes in the design and production of high quality consumer electronics and B2B electronic design, with a particular focus on ultra energy-efficient power conversion.

What Einova is known for:

Innovation – 200+ Patents issued worldwide, Proprietary Integrated Circuits & Proprietary Architectures

Eco-Friendly – Carbon Footprint reducing tech, higher energy efficiency & responsible packaging

Design – Smart and elegant Italian designs, focus on Quality and Materials & combining beauty and function


We’re so excited about our new partnership!

Shop Einova Products here: https://www.drexelretail.com/einova


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