Mr. Bar-B-Q Propane Tank Level Gauge
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Mr. Bar-B-Q Propane Tank Level Gauge

Product Code: 03003X

UPC Code: 076903030031

Do not run out of propane again with the Mr. Bar-B-Q propane tank level gauge! The Mr. Bar-B-Q Propane Tank Gauge features a super easy-to-read color-coded analog. There are 3 different colors. Green, yellow and red. The green gauge indicates full gas, yellow indicates low gas, and red indicates the need for a refill. Mr. Bar-B-Q Propane Gauges have built-in leak detectors. It will automatically cut off the flow of gas once a leak is detected. It also has emergency flow control – the valve senses when there is too much gas passing through and will limit the flow. It can even shut off completely when needed.

  • For grills, boating and RVs.
  • For propane appliances with Type 1 connection
  • Emergency flow control and automatic shutoff.
  • Leak detector (leak checks must be performed per appliances owner's manual)
  • Easy to read colour analog gauge
Always know how much gas is left!
CAD $49.99 /EACH
MSRP: CAD $49.99 /EACH
    • EACH
  • Quantity Available: 10

Limited 1 year warranty as described in owners manual with the exception of consumables such as wood chips and insect lure refills and traps.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Support
  • Toll free: 888-398-8643
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